June 2019 Mayor's Desk

It's summer time, which means that a lot of children are out and about playing. Please be watchful and observe our city's speed limits.

We had a great turnout for the meeting with representatives of LBC at the Houston Yacht Club regarding their dock and terminal construction on the Bayport channel. I thought that the meeting was very informative and well received by those attending.

Our "smart" water meters are currently being installed. At the time of writing this, roughly 230 meters have been put in the ground. The company is on target to finish the project earlier than anticipated. It may not seem like a big deal but these meters will save city staff about 100 hours a month.

I have been trying for several months to get council's approval to fund some minor improvements to Circle Park. We need to improve the restrooms, add a walking trail, improve the parking and repair the concrete around the gazebo. It would also be great to add a walking path between the tennis court, the gazebo and the playground. Please let council know that we need these improvements.

Mayor Jennings

Pier Key Day – June 29th

The Shoreacres Recreation Association will hold its “Pier Key Day” at City Hall/Council Room on Saturday, June 29th from 8 am to 5 pm.

Please bring your old key and proof of residence. For more information, call 281.684.1579

May 2019 City Manager's Desk


Heavy trash pickup was a success! That combined with the public works department continuing with their mowing has left our city looking clean and vibrant. There are still several lots and residences we are working to bring up to code, so we are not quite finished. Thanks to all of you who maintain your properties in the proper way!

I would also like to send a friendly reminder about a couple more issues we are having. Golf carts are not allowed to operate in our parks, to include Circle Park and the entire length of Miramar Park. The City obviously make exceptions for special events (Chili cook off, Easter egg hunt) and for certain holidays (4th of July) but they are not allowed at any other time. Also, all animals if outside your property must be under a restraint (like a leash) and this includes in our parks as well. City code does not differentiate on size of the animal or breed, it specifically mentions animals. Please help us with these couple of issues as we have been receiving numerous complaints concerning both issues.

School will soon be out so begin to think about the number of school aged children who will be outside during normal working hours. Please continue to drive carefully and watch out for these extra people walking, bicycling or even playing near the street.

Enjoy these last few spring days, as the heat will soon be rolling in!


May 2019 Mayor's Desk

Summer is almost here! Have you had your AC checked? Don’t forget or it might be a very hot summer for you!

Summertime means vacation time for many of us. Don’t forget that you can call City Hall at 281-471-2244 and schedule a vacation watch with the Shoreacres PD.

Installation of our new water meters will begin this month. These “smart” meters will eliminate the need to manually read your meter every month. Did you know that your city staff spends one week every month just reading water meters? Not only will these meters save time, they will also eliminate errors in billing. As a bonus, the meters will alert city staff if you have a leak that you are unaware of, saving you money!

Be sure and read the enclosed flyer about a community meeting with LBC.

Mayor Jennings

April 2019 Mayor's Desk

Shoreacres is growing! You read that correctly. After a near halt in new home construction for the past two years, we have had 7 new home permits since last summer and 2 more are in the process. We've also had several homes renovated recently. I had the opportunity to speak at the La Porte Bayshore Chamber of Commerce's State of the Cities luncheon last week and several realtors expressed interest in marketing our city.

We've had a bit of a delay in the construction of the new water line that will reduce our fluctuating water pressure. The state is requiring a five month long environmental study. We will be monitoring that closely and try to get it expedited.

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Patsy Thompson passed away Saturday, April 6th. She was a treasure to our city and I will miss her smiling face as she tended to her flowers very much.

Mayor Jennings

City of Shoreacres

People need police, sanitation, education, fire protection, housing, public transportation. Together we are going to make Shoreacres an oasis on Galveston Bay, where every person will have their dream life.


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