April 2019 Mayor's Desk

Shoreacres is growing! You read that correctly. After a near halt in new home construction for the past two years, we have had 7 new home permits since last summer and 2 more are in the process. We've also had several homes renovated recently. I had the opportunity to speak at the La Porte Bayshore Chamber of Commerce's State of the Cities luncheon last week and several realtors expressed interest in marketing our city.

We've had a bit of a delay in the construction of the new water line that will reduce our fluctuating water pressure. The state is requiring a five month long environmental study. We will be monitoring that closely and try to get it expedited.

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Patsy Thompson passed away Saturday, April 6th. She was a treasure to our city and I will miss her smiling face as she tended to her flowers very much.

Mayor Jennings