January 2019 City Manager's Desk

I hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday season and are having a good start to their new year.

Our Christmas party and Santa visits went very well with a large number of residents participating. Many children were able to write out their letters on the spot and await Santa’s arrival, which was by a boat pulled by a fire truck this year. Our city continues to move forward with improvements and hopefully you are seeing us in action. Our plan for this upcoming year is to “stay ahead of the curve.” It will be a challenge as we move forward with infrastructure projects and other endeavors that may present themselves. Priorities are to complete projects that make our city appealing to others who may be future residents. This includes mowing of ditches in a systematic manner, keeping lots clean from growth and debris and a general cleaning up of the City.

Our residents play a pivotal role in this as well. We certainly appreciate those who take the time and effort to keep their yards and lots well cared for. We will be working on lots that are overgrown or contain trash, debris or junked vehicles as the year continues. This is necessary for many reasons, to include safety and public health. Please help us by continuing to keep your lots and properties clean.

I am excited for this next year. If you have questions or concerns, please call and let us know, we appreciate hearing from you!