March 2019 City Manager's Desk


I hope everyone is enjoying spring break and the mild weather. Just remember, in a few months we will likely be begging for rain and cooler temperatures!

As the weather improves, it’s a great time to remind our residents that animals in the city must be on a leash and under control at all times. We are often called upon for dogs at large and have no real solutions as we have no animal shelter in the city. The City of La Porte will at times assist us with these, but they are often at capacity. We do have a contract with Harris County, but using that facility would be expensive and likely very inconvenient for our residents if they have an animal picked up. Everyone loves their pets and desire the best for them, so please help us with this.

We will be sending information out very soon for our spring cleanup and heavy trash pickup. It will be in April, and I hope to have the dates confirmed in the next day or two. They will be announced soon.

Thank all of you for your patience as we have begun to move forward on our projects upgrading the city’s infrastructure. It is and will be a work in progress, but is moving our city forward in many ways!