May 2019 City Manager's Desk


Heavy trash pickup was a success! That combined with the public works department continuing with their mowing has left our city looking clean and vibrant. There are still several lots and residences we are working to bring up to code, so we are not quite finished. Thanks to all of you who maintain your properties in the proper way!

I would also like to send a friendly reminder about a couple more issues we are having. Golf carts are not allowed to operate in our parks, to include Circle Park and the entire length of Miramar Park. The City obviously make exceptions for special events (Chili cook off, Easter egg hunt) and for certain holidays (4th of July) but they are not allowed at any other time. Also, all animals if outside your property must be under a restraint (like a leash) and this includes in our parks as well. City code does not differentiate on size of the animal or breed, it specifically mentions animals. Please help us with these couple of issues as we have been receiving numerous complaints concerning both issues.

School will soon be out so begin to think about the number of school aged children who will be outside during normal working hours. Please continue to drive carefully and watch out for these extra people walking, bicycling or even playing near the street.

Enjoy these last few spring days, as the heat will soon be rolling in!